Important decisions.

My doctor put me on Diclegis to eliminate the daily dry heaving situation, so I am now happily feeling like a human. And I have entered the boring phase of pregnancy. I am without constant sickness, but still without energy. I have a month in between doctor’s appointments and I can’t feel the kicking yet. My pants don’t really fit but I mostly look like I have been hitting an Asian buffet on the regular. This is kind of boring. So I am trying to keep myself busy so I don’t worry about if the little baby is doing okay in there in between ultrasounds.

How do I stay busy, you ask. There are two things that I think about more than I should: picking a name and decorating a nursery. And this is what I do with my free time now.

Picking a name is so hard. It’s the name this tiny human will use for the rest of her life. It’s what I will call her, what her friends will call her, what her grandparents and teachers and future loves will call her. How can I choose? Naming a little human is impossible. It’s so much pressure. It has to be a name that will be adorable for a 3 month old and equally great when she is 35. It has to carry from cute kid to eventual productive and professional human being. How is that even possible? We had four solid names and then one night, out of nowhere, my husband looked in a baby book and went rogue and found a new, different name. And now that’s the name. He is 110% sold on it, but I don’t think I can commit until I see her face. So I am at 92%. Close enough. I try to call her that in my head to see if it sounds right, imagine what I would be like at 32 if that were my name, etc. So far, so good. But man, it’s just a lot of pressure. I hope we pass. We are going to keep it a secret until she gets here. Suspense is fun. But really I just don’t want to be stuck with a bunch of monogrammed shit that doesn’t apply anymore if I decide it’s not the right name.

Now that the name is somewhat decided, I have moved on to decorating the nursery. About 6 months ago, we painted our office gray in the hopes that at some point it would no longer be an office and would eventually be a nursery. And here we are, with an empty room and no more desk, and Ikea crib and changing table waiting to be assembled. When is too early to purchase these things? It seems kind of early, but I also know how much my husband and I love assembling things, so just because it has been purchased does not mean it will be assembled until August. Hopefully before she gets here.

Decorating a nursery is not important. I know this. This kid will not care what the room looks like. She won’t even use the room until she is like 4 months old anyway, right? They hang out in a bassinet for a while, I hear. But I saw this amazing nursery and have been obsessed ever since. Now nursery decorating is in full swing! (Side note, if you do not love and follow Jacqui, you should do it now. She is adorable and has a really cute little girl.)


Source: Baby Boy Bakery.

I mean, that green crib! I am dying. I basically hijacked her rug idea and then ran with it. I bought this gorgeous rug last week and this is my dog testing it out. Big brother in training.


So gray walls and a rainbow extravaganza rug is the first step. Full disclosure, this was the third rug I bought. Seriously. But Oscar liked this one the best. So we are keeping it.

We have a long way to go but I also know how my brain works, so I am doing a little at a time. Just keeping my fingers crossed I get this shit together by August.



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