People are assholes. There, I said it.

Imagine my delight when yesterday, I was told I looked sick and tired. And someone mentioned I looked different (not in a good way). Then, this morning, in the parking lot, before I could even get into work, I hear “Wow, you don’t look good. You look like you had a rough morning.” And we all know how to translate these comments: YOU LOOK LIKE SHIT.

Please explain to me what you accomplish by telling me this. It doesn’t help me. It shouldn’t make you feel better. Why even say it?

Because people are assholes.

Being pregnant is hard. It’s gross. It’s exhausting. I wake up a lot to pee, so I don’t get a lot of sleep. I also have other things going on in my life causing me to be a little stressed out. OH AND ALSO I am growing a human the size of an onion right now. I am tired. It feels like a marathon to wake up, shower and get ready. I also can’t drink coffee or a Diet Coke the size of my ass because fetus. But the irony of the situation is that I thought I pulled it off the past few days. I thought I looked cute-ish. I thought my outfit worked. My hair was cooperating. I never feel like I look amazing, but I thought I looked okay and you just shit all over me. Please tell me, what was the point of that comment? To tell me you are a big fat jerk, that’s all.

I have never understood when people say things like “you look tired.” That is literally the worst thing you can tell someone. Because there are two choices. Three actually. One: they are tired, either from not sleeping or something stressful or even really terrible. So you pointing it out is just reminding them of the terrible way that they feel or the hard thing going on in their life. Option two: nothing is wrong. In this scenario, you make them feel like garbage for no reason. Option three: it doesn’t matter if they are tired, they stab you in the throat. I think I am about one “Are you okaaaaaay?” away from a throat stab.

Just my friendly PSA. If you aren’t going to ask a nice question or make a nice statement, don’t talk. Just shut the hell up. Walk away. We all appreciate it.


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