Balance and other things.

This pregnancy can be summed up into one word: balance. I have learned so much about balance the last couple of months. For example, being healthy does not last long. I went run/walking yesterday at lunch. Today, I ate french fries. I also learned that if I eat banana muffins every day for a week, I will lose my mind when I think about bananas and then avoid them at all costs in the future. It’s a good balance. I also learned that if I clean the house and take a jog and run errands all day on a Saturday, then my Sunday will consist of five hours of a Blue Bloods marathon, drinking Gatorade and trying to make sure my skin has not fused into the couch cushions. Everything in moderation.

On another note, today was my 18 week appointment! That means, depending on when this little lady decides to show up, I am alllllllllmost half way there! Woo!

Baby’s heart rate was good. I asked the probably dumb question of how they tell the difference between my heartbeat and her heartbeat and the nurse practitioner showed me the difference – it’s pretty amazing actually. So, that was kind of fun. Our next appointment is the big and important anatomy scan! Even though we know it’s a girl, it’s still exciting to see her, check in and make sure everything is going well.

My doctor was happy with everything and how things are going, which is always comforting. Right before we do the doppler ultrasound, I get a panicky feeling. At this point, I feel pretty confident that she is doing okay in there, but I am always nervous. I was so relieved when everything was okay.

I learned a lot today by asking 186 questions. Here are some things I learned:

You should not eat Tums all day. If you need to eat Tums all day, a doctor will probably put you on prescribed medication for acid.

It is totally normal to have nosebleeds while pregnant.

It’s okay that I have not gained much weight (3 lbs.) however, she wants me to gain 25 total, so right now 22 lbs. in five-ish months sounds pretty intense. I guess when you used to drink a shit ton of strong, calorie-filled IPAs on a fairly regular basis, cutting beer out of your diet can make a difference. However, if I need to have a couple of milkshakes in the meantime, I can make that kind of sacrifice.

You can use a heating pad on your back, but not on your stomach. (Duh?)

The medicine I was taking costs 749 fucking dollars for a month supply. That’s with a $149 off COUPON! Holy shit. That is without insurance. However, most insurance doesn’t cover it. In related news, I am off the medicine and back to puking on the regular. They do not have any samples. Sad face.

I can go to Canada. And I am. Next week. But I should walk around if we get delayed on the tarmac and I should move my ankles around for circulation. She was basically completely cool with me flying, which I expected, and excited that I was going “away from the Zika virus.” So that’s exciting. Is that called a babymoon? What a dumb word.

I have to take folic acid until we do the anatomy scan. Once we do that, I can lay off. Which is exciting because I have to take 10 times the recommended dose. Insert old lady pill box. I AM NOT ASHAMED!

All in all, I am happy I have mostly easily made it to the almost halfway point. Looking forward to our next appointment. Also looking forward to looking pregnant instead of frumpy. When is that supposed to kick in?



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