Twenty weeks.

I (barely) survived 20 weeks of pregnancy. It was in sooo many ways much harder than I ever anticipated. But after spending a good portion of 2016 being tired, sick and more tired, I am feeling human. And my appetite is back! In fact, I celebrated hitting the half way point by eating a brownie. Also a granola bar. Actually two granola bars. And a chicken wrap. And some grapes. And popcorn. And goldfish. Basically an entire vending machine. SERIOUSLY, I AM SO HUNGRY! Are you going to finish that? Asking for a friend.

We have our 20 week/anatomy scan next week (at technically 21 weeks – apparently doctors take spring break?). I had a little scare with some blood tests so I am hoping everything looks just fine at that appointment. I have had one ultrasound since our blood test results, so I am not super worried. Also, follow-up tests came back normal. Apparently there are a lot of false positives on these tests. WHICH IS SUPER. And not stressful at all…so yeah, I am very much looking forward to that appointment. I have never been super into doctors for obvious reasons, but prenatal appointments have, so far, been uneventful or fun, so they are actually something to look forward to. Plus it’s fun to see the little thing in there and what she looks like. And that she has arms and hands and feet and lips and whatnot.

At my last ultrasound, the tech pointed out her lips, hands, feet, etc. to me. She commented on how cute they were. Honestly, all I saw was a gray blob. I have no idea what she was talking about. I am sure I looked confused/horrified as I stared at a gray and black screen and tried to make out lips. No such luck. I did, however, see my bladder. Which the ultrasound tech said was ‘very full.’ Which I found hard to believe because I peed like thirty seconds before the ultrasound, but she insisted. It was apparently squishing my child’s face. So, now I feel pretty guilty when I have to pee because I may accidentally be smushing the baby.

On the sexy body front, my bump is bumpin’ these days. We just got back from a little mini vacation. We went to Canada for a long weekend, Montreal specifically, and since I couldn’t drink beer, I ate my way through the city. (On a semi-related note, don’t go to Canada in the ‘spring.’ Only go in the hottest part of summer or you will freeze your baguettes off.) As it turns out, a steady diet of chocolate croissants and poutine will take you from not really showing to definitely showing in 4 short days. Hello, friend.



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