21 weeks!

We had our anatomy scan yesterday and our follow-up with the high risk doctor to talk about the scary blood test. As it turns out, everything is fine. It appears that sustaining yourself on a three month diet of Sour Patch Kids and water is good for the baby. Anyway, the test was apparently a false alarm. Now I am taking baby aspirin every day to hopefully prevent any chance of preeclampsia and for now, go back to baking the baby and not worrying so much. But today we celebrate 21 weeks! Over the half way mark!

Here’s a little head shot from the appointment.


Baby G was very busy dancing and talking and swallowing and kicking me while we were at the doctor. It was very strange to see her moving around and also watch her moving around on the big screen. But good to know she is happy in there. She also had her legs up over her head at one point. Definitely did not get that flexibility from her mama. She was hanging onto her big toe with her hand and blocking her face from the ultrasound camera so that was kind of cute.

When I used to run a lot, I had a mental habit of counting down. I always waited until half way while running to start counting down. Once I was half way done, I mentally ticked off the miles until I was finished. It helped me stay sane and not count the seconds I was moving my body. My running partner/friend/BFF Bethany also did this, I found out the other day. It’s good to be at that place in pregnancy. To be on the downhill slide. While I know it gets more gigantic and less comfortable from here on out, it’s good to be in the second half of this baby-growing marathon. And happy to get a good report card for the little miss.


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