Bad ideas.

In Kentucky, the Derby is like a holiday. It’s basically Christmas with more bourbon, depending on your family. It’s an amazing day which is basically an entire month of celebrating leading up to the big event. Going to the track is one of my favorite things if the weather is nice. You get a little dressed up. You wear a hat. You drink some drinks. You bet on ponies. What could be better?

So, I am going to the track a couple of times the week of Derby. While I cannot partake in the drinking portion of the events, I am looking forward to some sunshine and friends and family and spending some time at Churchill Downs. It is the best.

Now, finding a dress for these events has been a bit of a challenge. I am in a weird time of pregnancy, where I am definitely showing but not super pregnant-looking yet. And I have a feeling these next few weeks are critical growth times. So in a month, when I need a cute dress,  I am not sure how giant I will be. Buying a dress while predicting your body size is slightly difficult. And frustrating. It’s also a bad idea. Today, at lunch, I tried on a non-maternity dress with a high waist just to see what it looks like. I picked a size I would normally wear. I looked like Free Willy in a seersucker pillowcase. I think I learned an important lesson today. Shop in the maternity section. Do not stray. Do not pretend you can still pull off your old clothing. Stay where you belong.

In other news, everyone I know is on a diet. I, on the other hand, just ate a balanced lunch of a chicken wrap and a dirty gas station chocolate glazed donut. Another bad idea.

Baby liked the donut though. I can feel her approval.


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